PRISM 1961-1990 Climatologies

This dataset includes PRISM derived 1961-1990 climatologies of monthly average, maximum, and minimum temperature and total precipitation across Alaska and Western Canada including the Yukon, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. These were obtained from the PRISM Climate Group and mosaiced into a single continuous transboundary extent.

SNAP obtained the 1961-1990 climatological datasets from the PRISM Climate Group at Oregon State University for use in the production of our delta downscaled data. For details on that, see our Methods section on our website. Because PRISM does not publish the 1961-1990 version any longer, so we provide them here for access and use in comparison studies.

Please cite the PRISM Climate Group when using this data.

Other Alaska Climatologies Available:

1981-2000 available from the PRISM Climate Group

1971-2000 available from the National Park Service:
Mean Precipitation for Alaska 1971-2000
Mean Minimum Temperature for Alaska 1971-2000
Mean Maximum Temperature for Alaska 1971-2000
Mean Average Temperature for Alaska 1971-2000

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