Community Charts Temperature and Precipitation

This data is extracted from the underlying database that drives our Community Charts tool

Please refer to that website for full explanations of this data, including RCPs, historical baselines used, and model variability.

This is a comma separated value (.csv) dataset of historical and projected decadal average temperature and total precipitation for over 4000 communities across Alaska and Western Canada. The .csv are single pixel data extractions from raster data. Historical data is extracted from both downscaled CRU data (1961-1990, CRU-based climatology) and also original PRISM (1961-1990) climatologies. Projected data are based upon our 5 model average downscaled AR5 temperature and precipitation products, using both PRISM and CRU data as baseline climatolgies. The CRU based downscaled products only apply to the Northwest Territories communities where PRISM data is unavailable.

The maxes and mins provided in this data (i.e. julMax), are maxes and mins of monthly means across the 5 GCMs and across 10 years. This is used to display the model variability via the range button in the tool. These are not monthly extremes like one could obtain from daily data.

There are no maxes and mins for PRISM data, because this data is provided to us as 30 year mean climatologies. We are able to provide maxes and mins for CRU data, as this data is provided to us as monthly means.

The standard deviation (i.e. julSd) is provided, but not used in tool.

All 2km resolution data is downscaled using PRISM 1961-1990 baseline climatology. All 10 minute resolution data is downscaled using CRU 1961-1990 baseline climatology.

Population values may be inaccurate. We mostly use this field to determine relative differences for cartographic display purposes.

Data fields include:

  • community
  • region
  • country
  • population
  • latitude
  • longitude
  • type
  • scenario
  • resolution
  • daterange
  • unit
  • janMin (all months)
  • janMean (all months)
  • janMax (all months)
  • janSd (all months)

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